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Commercial Real Estate

Investing in real estate is a great way to build wealth and create future security. But these transactions can be complicated, and when the investment is large, so is the risk. Having the right legal assistance by your side can make a real difference in these situations. An experienced real estate transaction attorney can help reduce risk, protect your assets, streamline the process, and take the stress out of these transactions, leaving you space to focus on the big picture.

Schottenstein Legal Services has prepared commercial leases for both retail and office building clients, and Mr. Schottenstein has served as counsel to several shopping center developers, and National big-box tenants as well as small retail and commercial tenants and property owners.

Schottenstein Legal Services, is a law firm well versed in real estate transactions. The firm is here to help. Mr. Schottenstein has over 50 years of legal experience and can assist with all matters related to real estate transactions.

Taking Care Of The Details

An attorney can be your best ally in a real estate transaction. Mr. Schottenstein has helped countless clients navigate the complex world of real estate and he has a true passion for it. He can help you in all steps of the transaction, from both buying and selling properties to lease drafting and negotiations. He can evaluate zoning and real estate development laws, craft commercial leases, and review titles and title insurance to help protect your interests and ensure you are getting a fair deal.

In a major transaction like purchasing commercial real estate, or even buying your first home, there’s no substitute for legal experience. Mr. Schottenstein has a wealth of knowledge from both sides, having purchased, developed, and managed commercial real estate himself and navigated and negotiated countless transactions on behalf of his clients. He is careful and detail-oriented, with the experience and skill to leave you feeling reassured and confident in your transaction.

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