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Knowledgeable, Experience-Backed Employment Law Help

Fair conditions for both employees and employers are an essential part of the workplace. However, employment law is a delicate, sometimes complicated area of the law. Both employees and employers deserve to be treated fairly, and both may need the help of an employment lawyer at some time during their careers. For matters involving harassment, discrimination and more, it’s important to have an experienced employment law attorney on your side.

Attorney Schottenstein of Schottenstein Legal Services, in Columbus, Ohio, has over 50 years of legal experience. He can help people navigate these matters efficiently and effectively.

Employment Matters Are Complex

Being paid fairly and treated well at work is essential. But this does not always happen in all situations. And in cases where there is harm caused, by either employee or employer, it’s important to have the right legal help. Mr. Schottenstein is a tough adversary and compassionate ally. He will attend to your case personally and is not afraid of litigation if necessary.

Schottenstein Legal Services assists businesses and individuals with respect to employment claims for discrimination, retaliation, Family and Medical Leave Act, Wage & Hour Laws, Wrongful Termination, Consumer Fraud, Employment Contracts, Severance Agreements and Sexual Harassment.

The firm of Schottenstein Legal Services represents both individuals and small and large companies in discrimination and harassment cases.

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